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Yoga for Hips , Hip Flexibility. This 20 minute hip opening yoga sequence is beginner friendly. Get ready to activate and stretch the muscles of your hips. Let's do some yoga and create a little more flexibility in yours hips. See you on the mat! Have a Yoga Question?
Dancer Pose, Yoga for Beginners. This 40 minute yoga class will slowly build up and move you into Dancer Pose or Natarajasana in Sanskrit. Learn the movements and coordination needed for Lord of the Dance pose while gently stretching and warming up the body. Find your version of Dancer Pose!
How to Handstand: Hand Placement. Chris is talking about the foundations of Handstand. How to and where to place your hands to set you up for a successful future handstand. Every Monday a new video on how to handstand (handstand-mechanics, tips, exercises) will be published.

Yoga for Neck Tension. Yummy yoga for neck and shoulder pain. Join Chris for this juicy 30 min sequence designed to release in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Jump on your mat and reverse that slouch!

Use these 3 Yoga exercises/stretches to get rid of your tech neck. When you've been staring at a screen all day its super important to release that tension in your neck and shoulders. You can do these anywhere! Chris throws in a couple should stretches as well!
Benefits of Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar Benefits. Chris talks about why you need Sun Salutation Yoga. The Classical Sun Salutation is a string of 8 yoga poses connected together with specific breath. Saluting the Sun Sequence is a great flow of poses to keep in your back pocket and empowers you to build your own yoga practice.
Ujjayi Breathing, Pranayama Yoga. Join Chris as she discusses what Ujjayi Breath is and how to do it. Ujjayi Pranayama (Victorious Breath) is just one of several Yogic breath control exercises that will help you own your breath, so no one else can steal your peace!

How to Poop Faster. Tips to help you poop easier. Chris gives you a few great holistic tips on ways to poop faster, be more regular, and have a healthier, happier gut.

Camel Pose Yoga Variations Tutorial. How to do Camel Pose for beginners. In this tutorial Chris offers variations/modifications for Camel Pose or Ustrasana.
Backbending Yoga Benefits - Join Yoga Instructor Chris from Gotte Yoga as she discusses the physical and emotional benefits of yoga (ex: increasing confidence) - specifically backbend yoga poses.This backbend benefits video is video 1 in a 4 part mini series.

Join Chris and her pup Pheebs for this juicy 15 min sequence guaranteed to leave your abdominal muscles burning. 


Strong Arms Yoga

30 min sequence to strengthen those arms!

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30 Min Twist Yoga

This 30 Min Heated sequence includes lots of twisting and turning!

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Meditation for ADHD - Mantra Meditation. This meditation is for those of you (like me) with ADHD . Use this meditation to help soothe your Monkey mind. This Mantra/ Japa meditation uses external stimuli to engage the sensory system.
Yoga to Prepare for Meditation, Shoulder and Hip Mobility. This Class will help prepare the body for meditation. These yoga exercises create relaxed, spacious shoulders to help you sit upright in your meditation seat and open your hips so your legs and lower body are more comfortable and prepared for meditation.
45 Minute Yoga for Weight Loss : Movement and Mobility. In this 45 min well rounded yoga class. You will move with intention, connect to your breath, and create mobility and also harmony in the body. This yoga for weight loss class is beginner friendly and you will need a strap, block, and yoga mat.
3 Hip stretches for beginners. Join Chris for 3 hip opening yoga poses that are beginner friendly! Tight hips can lead to back pain, these hip exercises open the hips. These quick and easy hip stretches will create flexibility in the hips.

Yoga for a Beautiful Booty. Join Chris in this 30 minute butt exercise/glute workout yoga session. You will sculpt your bum and get a good stretch! Get your booty burning from the yogic perspective. Beginner modifications offered.

This is 30 min free flow yoga session that was created just for you! I just pulled this sequence right out my brain while I was on the mat. This is a well rounded, breath centered yoga practice.
ShoulderStand Tutorial, How to do Sarvangasana. In this video you will learn how to set up, enter, hold, and exit the Yoga pose- Shoulder Stand. This is the propped version of Shoulder Stand (you know how I love props), so it's much nicer on your neck and you should be able to find more length in your spine.
How to do Bow Pose/Dhanurasana in Yoga. Chris offers variations that are beginner friendly in this bow pose tutorial.

Warm-Ups for Handstands/Handstand Prep. Join Chris for a quick yoga sequence in preparation for handstands. This class will warm up the shoulders, wrists, arms, abdominal muscles, and stretch the legs. This class is beginner friendly.

Beginner Yoga Back bends. Join Chris for this 30 minute yoga sequence specifically designed to stretch the entire front body. This beginner friendly yoga class will reverse that computer slouch and open your shoulders. This is video 3 in a 4 part video series on backbending yoga.
Warm up for yoga backbends-Recorded Live!. Preparing the body for backbending yoga. Great way to wake up the body, warm up the body, especially the front body. It's a quick 25 min full body stretch/full body workout combination. This is Video #2 in a 4 Part Video series on yoga backbends.

All Levels 30 Min

Well rounded 30 min sequence recorded via Facebook live.

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Kids Yoga- Ages 4-8. Exploring the Sky & Sea. Short 10 min practice that cultivates body awareness, uses imagination, and gets kids moving!


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