Gotte Yoga Mission


Yoga isn’t about doing the splits, that sh*t's crazy.

Yoga is for Every-BODY.


At Gotte Yoga, we are here to increase your Health Span.

A consistent Yoga practice (even if it's just 15 minutes a day) will improve your physical: balance, flexibility, and strength. We are not just our physical bodies.

Wellness occurs in the mind.

Every time you get on your mat, you exit survival mode and begin to reset.

Yoga is your Gateway to Wellness.

Removal of external distractions, activates harmony amidst the mind and body.

Yoga begins to change your Perception.

Aligning the mind and body in Yoga cultivates Mindfulness and Empowers you to truly see..

What do I need to take control of my Wellness?

A little bit of the Yoga mindset everyday…

Starts you down a path towards Happiness for your whole life.

So what are you waiting for?

Yoga can seem intimidating but…

Gotte Yoga removes "Intimi" from the equation and makes you want to start "Dating" your Yoga Mat. 😉