Align the Body, Align the Mind.



Meet Me:

Christina Gotte - Call me Chris

Registered Yoga Teacher

Created Gotte Yoga (sounds like "Got")

Loves Yoga and Dogs (specifically Wiener Dogs)




"Chris is so personable and approachable. Yoga can sound intimidating. Chris makes yoga easy to understand and do, but also challenging. When I leave her class I feel accepted, strong, and accomplished."

-Neva K.


My Teaching Style...

I emphasize alignment (where to put and what to do with your body parts) and breath patterns during our yoga sessions together.

Why Alignment?

My motto is:


When you're constantly being mindful of how your body should enter, hold, and exit each yoga pose-your mind has no space to occupy distracting thoughts.

Alignment + Mindful Breath =

Forgetting about external distractions, ridding yourself of what's no longer needed, and coming into the present moment. You begin develop harmony of the mind and body and create space within yourself. Yoga helps cultivate the clarity you need to make empowered decisions to maximize your Health and Wellness.


Frequently I will incorporate props into our Yoga Class. I believe they help make yoga poses more accessible to all yoga practitioners and help you remain safe in your yoga practice.

Prop Examples:

  • a wall
  • yoga blocks (thick books will do)
  • yoga strap (or a belt or scarf or rolled up towel)
  • blankets and or pillows
  • a chair


My Yoga Journey...

began when I sprained my lower back in 2014. Seeking to heal my lower back pain, I began watching yoga videos on youtube. With a consistent practice, my lower back healed and my love for yoga began to Blossom!

I continued to do all the Yoga and found it alleviated many of the symptoms associated with my ADHD. I noticed Yoga began to help build my self-confidence as well. 

Slowly morphing into an empowered and enlightened woman, I discovered what my true passion was...Yoga!  Following my passion, I dove right in and completed a Yoga Teacher Training in Seattle, WA. I now seek to enrich others lives as well as my own teaching Yoga online. 

Currently, I live in a Winnebego van (named the Wienerbego) with my adorable 10 lb. wiener dog named PheebeetheWeenie. When my helicopter pilot husband, Brad, is not fighting wild-land fires for the WA. DNR, he joins Pheebs and I on our Van Life adventures

To learn more about our little fam- follow us on Instagram @yogivanween, watch our Youtube videosor let's do some private or group yoga together online!