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Yoga for a Pawz


Philanthropy is super important here at Gotte Yoga. Currently, 3% of our profits are donated to a Dachshund Rescue local to the Seattle area. HEARTS4DOXIES RESCUE. With growth, we hope to give back 10%. You can bliss out in shavasana knowing your Yoga is for a good Pawz (a good cause-wink, wink.)

Thanks for helping out all the sasauges!

Thanks for helping out all the sasauges!



What Others Are Saying...

-Kelli P.

"I love Christinaโ€™s sweet spirit and smile! She brings a lightheartedness to the practice that is so refreshing. I donโ€™t feel intimidated if I canโ€™t handle the poses and feel encouraged to listen to my own body! Sheโ€™s found a way to make the classes challenging without being intimidating. Gotte Yoga is great!"

-Libby G.

"I had my first yoga class last week and it was a wonderful experience. Christina explained everything and eased us into the poses at our own pace. I'm looking forward to learning more."

-Jolene S.

"Christina has a great knowledge of modifications for everyone (like me and my tight hamstrings!) and shows you how to incorporate props in your practice. She is very honest and real and makes every class so much fun!"